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This album was recorded from August 2nd to August 6th 2013. Special thanks to Gabby for the keys, Joel for the sticks, and Iz for the fire. Tell your friends!


released August 7, 2013

All lyrics and instrumentation by J. Hardy, except 'Come Clean' and 'By the Mile', which features Joel Dinicola of Oceantree on drums.



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Wares Edmonton, Alberta

Wares is a musical project engineered by Edmonton songwriter Cassia J. Hardy. From teeth rattling electric convulsions to soft-spoken acoustic refrains, the musical inflections explored on each Wares release are as varied as they are enthralling.

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Track Name: Come Clean
Early in the morning,
fall outta my bed down to my knees.
My head is full of voices,
can't believe what they're saying to me.

Sometimes I wait half a day
before I get a chance to speak!

If you really wanna know where I'm coming from...

Early in the morning,
I get a little pushed around.
the sound in my head,
my feet on the ground,
the late nights thinking out loud...

Does anybody know a good doctor in town?
I could use one right about now.

I'm not satisfied...

Early in the morning,
I can't help but ask myself
why I'm wasting my time,
getting paid and left behind?
I think I'd rather be just anywhere else.

I really wanna know, don't wanna just do what I'm told...

Early in the morning,
I wake up with a tear in my eye.

Tie my hands behind me,
look up to the sky and say 'hey man
I hope you don't mind,

I'm not satisfied with the work that I do
because it's not what I am here to do.'
Track Name: The Girl From Jefferson St.
She was smiling.
She was holy.
She came on time.
It all seemed only for me.

5th and Franklin,
in my pockets in my hands
a lonesome ticket,
a jar of river Jordan sand.

She seems like a statue to me now,
far above the life and limits I keep now.

O'er braided cables
I broke my fragile bones
by thinking only
of the months before.

A fifth of April,
the harvest of October;
Seasons change and
the headwinds blow me over.

She was always just a stranger to me-
more a symbol of authority.

If it's true that every pilgrimage
is in service to a savior,
then I've got mine.

And you did not know
that wandering limbs will roam until they all are welcomed,
well let me tell you:

she is naked.
She is waiting.
She is kindest
to those who pray to be saved.
Track Name: By the Mile
I know how it gets babe,
sometimes I go a little bit crazy on my own.

The time and space and empty faces
fill my head and leave me with nothing to pray for.

So when it's all said and done
I guess I'm glad you're on my side.
Maybe, someday, I'll see a smile.

I got your letter in the mail,
you're telling me winter's coming
and the thought of you alone makes a body feel afraid.

The war is nearly over,
I'll be heading home tomorrow
when the fire burns low
so the medals start to fade.

And when it's all said and done
I guess I'm glad you're on my side.
Maybe, someday, we'll go for a ride.
Maybe, someday, we just might.

For now we've got our dues to pay
and they're all saying we must be crazy to try.

Sooner or later everybody gets a favour thrown their way;
any day now.

When it's all said and done,
I guess I'm glad you're on my side.
Maybe, someday, I'll see a smile.
Track Name: Denim Rag
I will fall to the ground
and tear my bluejeans,
take what I find,
whatever that may be.

But maybe
I'm just doing
what I'm told.

Can't hide my ambition,
so I won't even try.
I'm not worried about taking turns
because I know it's my time.

And I don't mind
if you've seen
my face before.

And if you're worried about my image,
Well you got problems of your own.
Don't get bothered about my consequence-
I'm not gonna live that long.

I can't control what I make,
can't behave like I meant to
so go on and mistake me
for somebody who'd want to

I made my reputation
on honour and goodwill,
so my wallet is empty
but my glass always filled.

And if you're looking
for a good time
It looks just like you and me.

And if you're worried about my image,
Well you got problems of your own.
Don't get bothered about my consequence-
I'm not gonna live that long.
Track Name: Jeanie, the Acrobat
Jeanie my baby, she's a sound sleeper,
though to leave her at night is no easy feat;
tightrope walking with the streets far beneath,
you better believe it.

My baby's a Hollywood movie maker,
she compares success to a bent set of stairs;
each step that you take twice as likely to break
as the one before it.

Well she took a walk with me by her side,
saw her name scratched out on a firing line,
'don't you mind' she said, 'the streets are all mine'-
but she was just being kind.

Her likeness preserved in hematite.
Each weakness erased by dynamite.
To lie in her arms,
kind of like a station of the cross.

I meant it when I said lady luck was a breeze
to get into bed when she found herself free,
the trick is to know when to ask her;
timing is key.

Though I may find myself tangled in bedsheets
made of fine linen from pedigree sheep,
I got stories to tell
and that on it's own don't come cheaply.

As we took a walk with me on her sleeve,
I heard a terrible crash on the winchester breeze
'Take it easy' says she,
'it's the sound of my breathing.'

There lives a woman in the west end
with a familiar ring to her name,
and nobody ever cares what she wears
or that she's half blind.

Well she had me walk on a telephone wire
So in her twilight she would have a beau to admire
'You cannot be blind to the rigors and chores of survival'.